Meet The Team

Guild Certified Framer is a professional picture framing qualification recognized all over the world.

GCFs can be found as far afield as the USA, New Zealand and even Russia. The Fine Art Trade Guild organises the rigorous examinations for this qualification, which consist of an inspection of the candidate’s work, practical tasks set by the examiner, and a written paper. We’re proud to have multiple GCFs working with us.


Steve passed his GCF just after the scheme came into being in 1993. He’s the thirtieth person to ever be awarded the qualification, and more recently, has become only the 12th framer in the world to be awarded the Advanced GCF in conservation framing.


Ian is also a Guild Qualified Framer, having passed
his exam in 2014. 


Karen passed the GCF exam with credit and, along with Steve, is permitted to use the Certified Framer (APF) logo in her work.


Looks after our Art Materials, and the greetings cards by local artists which we sell.

Advanced Guild Qualified Framer

Steve Hible, of Right Angle Picture Framing Ltd. in Corsham High Street, was delighted to learn that he is now only the 12th framer in the world to receive the Guild Qualified Framer (Advanced) qualification in conservation framing.

Although Steve has been a framer for over 35 years, he studied for six months to prepare for sitting the exam. This qualification demonstrates his ability to handle and frame items of significant value in order to preserve them for future generations. “I have worked with a number of local museums and conservators,” Steve says, “and love the job of presenting historic pieces in the best possible way.”

Guild Qualified Framers are awarded their qualification by the Fine Art Trade Guild, the international trade association for the industry. The Advanced qualification was introduced in 2006.