We frame far more than just pictures – take a look at some of the most memorable pieces we’ve worked with over the years.

Baby Shoes

A first pair of shoes with photos.

our biggest Frame

The largest frame we’ve ever created. It could be unbolted into 4 lengths for easy transport.


At many millions of years old, this is the oldest thing we’ve ever framed.

Memento to Horse

One of the things we love about picture framing is that there is always something new. This is a memento to a much-loved dressage horse.

Race Shirt

Not just any triathlon, but an Ironman! Framed for our local Ironman, this also includes his shirt, medal, race number, and finish photo. (Rather him than us)…

Garden Spade

The first time we’ve ever framed a spade! We’ll leave you to think of the story behind this one.


A well-used ensign from a 19th-century yacht.


We frame many sets of medals. They can be a lot more complex than these ones – many sets we’ve worked with have included photos, cap badges and citations.


Celebrating a hole-in-one.

Electric Guitar

This guitar has been signed by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. There was a bit of Night Fever working out how best to frame it, but we managed it!


A set of cut-throat razors and clippers for the local barber (we’re glad they’re safely in frames)!

Ceramic poppy

A delicate ceramic poppy from the Tower of London WWI centenary display.

four-Leafed Clover

Not one but four four-leafed clovers – clearly a very lucky customer.

Limited Edition Crisps

We were tempted to add a sticker reading ‘In case of hunger – break glass’!


A 1803 sampler with exquisite stitching. As neat on the back as on the front. But note the original acidic backing (now replaced).

Amazing Arrows

Masie is holding one of the most unusual items we’ve ever had. Two arrows – with the second arrow shot into the back of the first! Our customer, a champion archer, feels that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we’re inclined to agree.


A second set of medals. This frame displays photographs and further details of the person they belong to.

Hoping to have your own items framed?